I write reviews for Australian Stage Online
Screenshot of a Camtasia screencast in Vimeo on how to use Lectora Inspire
I wrote a manual for engineers on how they can write their own manuals betterererer
Screenshot of a storyboard used for the German Shepherd 101 example eLearning
An article that I wrote for UC's student magazine, CUrio


Even the Egyptians had typos.

Yes, giving Horus three legs wasn't artistic, it was dodgy spelling, and quite frankly is there a person in the world who can spell everything? Ever tried floccinaucinihilipilification? (Go to wiktionary for that one!)

When you've got a job to do and your enthusiasm for writing or editing is about the same as for scrubbing bathroom tiles, then let me make your life easier, and the words 'betterer'.

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