Instructional Design

At the moment, my day job is a technical writer/analyst.

I work on a fixed term contract for a private company for a client who needs quality assurance expertise for their documents.
I do lots of stuff under the umbrella of instructional design, see LinkedIn for a summary of what I've done.

Examples of instructional design

A storyboard for an eLearning topic about German Shepherds. PDF 224 KB

A system recording of how to add an image to a Lectora quiz question. 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Using Camtasia Studio mp4 6318 KB

An eLearning module with two topics about German Shepherds. Created in Lectora Inspire, also using Flypaper to create the introduction animation. exe 11.2MB, zipped into 9.4MB.

Freelance Capability

My Instructional Design capabilities include:

  • Conducting Training Needs Analyses
  • Applying Plain Language principles to new or existing documents
  • Writing Training and User Support Plans
  • Developing templates and writing eLearning storyboards
  • Reviewing existing eLearning and writing recommendations for how to improve learning effectiveness
  • Rapid eLearning development using Articulate (including setting up template(s))
  • Capturing and editing simulations in Adobe Captivate
  • Writing web content and eLearning for accessibility compliance to Level A and Level AA
  • Creating basic animations in Flash
  • Editing Lectora files and creating basic Lectora eLearning courses
  • Creating learning plans for virtual classroom sessions

My publications

I wrote an article about why eLearning fails, read it here at the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s October 2012 edition. “Quenching the learning thirst”

I contributed three tips in the eLearning Guild's 2014 '84 Tips on New Instructional Design for New Instructional Technology'

Co-authored a report as presented at SimTecT called: Serious Games And Training Effectiveness: The Importance Of Pedagogy, 2013. It's about best practice pedagogical framework that stresses the importance of the key pedagogical elements of engagement and authenticity, motivation, practice and reflection, and scaffolding, in ensuring training effectiveness.

My qualifications

I list the full blah blah of instructional design quals on LinkedIn. I'm most stoked about the Gamification course I did in January-April 2014. It really opened my eyes into the possibilities of funking up adult learning and user support by tapping into the secret weapon of intrinsic motivation.

It also has provided an insight into the app I'm working on with my business partner of Flame Learning.

My Clients

As a freelance instructional designer I have worked with the following clients: